Why invest with us

  • Best tools for Mutual Fund Comparison to suit your needs.

    Mutual fund is an investment vehicle that is made up of a pool of funds collected from many investors for the purpose of investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments and similar assets..
  • Smart way of long term wealth creation.

    With start of New Year we all take certain resolution be it for health, a trip or to quit smoking but certainly in mind we all take one resolution that is to EARN MORE .

Our Products

* Systematic Transfer Plan (STP), Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) options to help you manage your investments wisely.

* Invest in 9,000+ schemes across 40 AMC 's.

* Option to invest in Lump sum, Systematic Investment Plans (SIP 's) and New fund offers (NFO 's) across all segments - Equity, Debt, Balanced, Tax Saving funds.

* Cross Margin facility giving you an option to leverage your mutual fund units (for select funds only) for margin required to trade in equities, derivatives and currencies. This gives you the added advantage of trading for short term while staying invested in mutual funds for long term.

Our Technology

* Flexibility to invest ONLINE through a single login across all devices Desktop, Mobile or Web.

* Instant order placement and confirmation facility through our advanced trading platforms.

* Integrated access to Trade-Track-Review your portfolio through multiple platforms across all asset classes.

* Online Tracking tools with in-built portfolio restructuring recommendations based on risk profile with model portfolio 's, benchmark comparisons, research views and much more.

* Smart portfolio snapshots to help you monitor your investments online 24 X 7 and enable you to make faster decisions.

* Real time tracking with our all new handy smart watch.

More Reasons to invest with us

* Trusted by over 9,00,000 plus customers having Rs. 36071 Cr. plus depository assets.

* More Reasons to invest with us/The Industry Edge.

* Convenience of applying for an account online in just 15 minutes.

* Dedicated customer service team with a 6 hour query resolution TAT.

* 30 years of wealth creation driven by our philosophy of 'Solid Research, Solid Advice.

* Pan India coverage across 2,200+ locations in over 500+ cities.