• Why You Should Not Plan Your Tax With Insurance?

    Investments and making savings to save on your taxes certainly go hand in hand. Effective tax planning is not possible without a smart investment strategy..
  • Insurance best way to safeguard your assets.

    Insurance plans are a great way to provide protection against contingencies that could cause potential harm to you or what matters to you most.

Why Insurance?

Risk and Financial Protection

Insurance is there to provide protection for yourself, your investment and your business. Disaster could take any form; car breaks down, roof leaks, a major home fire, an automobile accident that leads to a legal action and someone in the family becomes ill.Insurance gives you peace of mind and you know that if anything happens to you, your family or your business that you will be financially secure.The best course of action is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best..

Why invest with us?

* We offer different kinds of insurance solutions catering to customer 's insurance needs.

* Our experts evaluate your specific needs and study the risk profile.

* Based on the results of these evaluations, our experts suggest the most cost effective, integrated insurance package that is specifically suited to your risk profile.

* We offers a comprehensive basket of products both in life & non-life insurance space and makes exhaustive use of technology to deliver great value to customers and strive to offer its clientele an unmatched service.

* Tie-ups with multiple Life & General insurance companies.

Our offerings

* Term Insurance Plan.

* Endowment Insurance Plan.

* Money Back Insurance Plan.

* Unit Linked Insurance Plan.

* Health Insurance.

* Personal Accident Policy.

* Car Insurance.

* Liability Insurance.

* Fire Insurance.

* Travel Insurance.