Equity Trading

Why Equities?

Long-term wealth creation

Investing in equities for a long term has many advantages. Here is why equity investments have an edge over simply saving money in your bank account.

  • One of the best avenues to fight inflation.

    Inflation drives up the cost of living and eats away the value of your savings. Traditional investment avenues like Fixed Deposits, Bonds, etc. have a limited upside of 8 to 10 %, whereas equities as an asset class have given an average annual return of about 18 % in the last 10 years. Hence, when it comes to beating inflation, equities are undoubtedly your best bet 27.02.15
  • Source of Long term wealth creation.

    Our philosophy of "Buy Right Sit Tight " has helped a lot of investors in long term wealth creation. Investing in good businesses and growth stories at an early stage provides unlimited upside potential. For example, your investment of Rs. 1,000 in the Infosys IPO in 1993, would have fetched you Rs. 30 Lakhs today. Not participating in growth stories would certainly be an opportunity missed

Why invest with us?

Whether you are an active trader who believes in making the most of market opportunities or a new trader seeking information on futures, options and derivative strategies, our dedicated research and advisory team is well equipped to help you make informed and well-timed decisions on the move. Our unique range of customized products, are designed to help you leverage your intraday and long term positions.

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Our Advice

* Customized advice across all asset classes - Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Currencies and Mutual Funds.

* Active calls across all time horizons ranging from hours, days, weeks, months and years.

* Wide range of calls and strategies to suit different styles of investing and risk profiles.

* You name it and we have it - Investment Ideas, Delivery Ideas, Momentum Calls, Quantitative Strategies, Positional Calls & much more.

* Dedicated Relationship Managers and advisory team to provide timely recommendations (on select a/c 's).

* Integrated view of our advice across all platforms - Desktop, Web, Mobile & Tablet,Smart Watch.